“The most fun we’ve had without being illegal!”. “Phenomenal.” “Can’t wait till the next show!” “I’m telling all my friends next time so we can party together.” Those were the kinds of comments heard after a rousing evening of entertainment provided by Louis Price and his outstanding group of musical performers.

Louis is the most accomplished and impressive “unknown entertainer” to grace the stage in year! His vocal stylings range from R&B, Pop, Standards, and Jazz to the Gospel he learned growing up in Chicago with his musically talented family.

There is no one like him when it comes to performing on a stage. 

Not only can he improvise vocally, but he can entertain you with his special blend of humor ad quick wit as well. Every concert is a surprise, which makes it exciting or the audience as well as for his accomplished musicians and singers.

And be ready, because everyone participates in a Louis Price Show!

As a former lead singer of The Temptations and The Drifters,  Louis Price has toured the world, enchanting audiences of all ages in Europe, Africa, South America and the US. He has been blessed to share the stage with Bill Cosby, Smokey Robinson, Ben Vereen, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Johnny “Under The Broadway,” Moore and Ben E. “Stand By Me” King.

With his own show of fan favorite songs sprinkled with new offerings, Louis has performed for The American Medical Association, The National Council on Aging, The March of Dimes, The Sheraton Corporation, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, The NAACP State Conference, The National Conference of State Legislators, The Heart Foundation of Cedars Sinai in their tribute to Berry Gordy, and Oscar party goers. 

Numerous Executives and Studio Heads have partied all night to Louis’ captivating sounds, ranging from the Big Band sound, to a cappella singers and strolling violins, R&B hits, 70’s Disco, Jazz and Standards. Audiences have ranged from as many of 5,000 party goers to as few as a handful of surprised and delighted recipients of a special up close and personal encounter with Louis.  And the show has been as big as the Price Wright Orchestra of 22 performers to the Up Close experience of 2.

Not only has Louis Price made his mark on the musical stage, but in the studio as well. He has been a sought after session singer for many years. He has recorded on the albums of  Diana Ross, Michael Buble, Neil Young, Michael Jackson, Michael Smith, Taylor Hicks.
Louis had the pleasure of providing vocals for the upcoming Elton John album and was vocal consultant on the last 2 Seal albums.

He has released a solo album on Motown Records entitled , Louis Price. With his musical partner Benjamin Wright, who has arranged for such artist as Michael Jackson, Justine Timberlake and Gladys Knight, Louis and Benjamin have released an album under The Price Wright mantel.

In the commercial arena, Louis has sung on commercials for Fruit of The Loom, Coors, TriCyclen, Verizon, Klennex, Mountain Dew, Epson, Jack In The Box, Coke, Wriggleys, Chrysler, Oscar Meyer, Red Lobster, Nike, JC Penney and Michelob. His voice is used for radio station ID’s such as WNUA in Chicago and 94.7 The WAVE in Los Angeles, plus many others all over the country and even on domestic airlines.

Movie soundtracks on such biockbusters and fan favorites as The Lorax, Rio, Hairspray, Happy Feet 1 & 2, Norbit, Phone Booth, O Brother, Where Art Thou, Amistad, Tommy Boy, The Ladykillers, Dinosaurs, A Bug’s Life, Hercules, The Prince of Egypt, The Lion King and White Men Can’t Jump have enjoyed the tasty vocals provided by Louis Price.

He was blessed to sing with his mother, gospel great, Vernon Oliver Price in the film Hoodlums. Louis produced the CD  Thank You Lord in 2011. The spirit-filled selections are a much needed addition to any serious gospel music collector. Enjoy the sample songs at 

And we can’t forget the small screen titles on which Louis has sung. They include Boston Legal, The District, My Wife & Kids, The Temptations Story, Cop Rock, Motown 30, The Little Richard Story, and South Park.

Stage, Film, TV and radio - all performance disciplines that Louis Price has tackled, mastered and given back to an audience hungry for great entertainment. As a songwriter, performer, and producer, Louis Price’s talents make him a sought after artist in the entertainment field, and a knock out on the stage as well. Get ready to discover a truly dynamic talent - LOUIS PRICE - a voice and personality that will win your heart.http://www.VernonOliverPrice.comshapeimage_3_link_0
Louis  Price
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